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About us

VellumSoft is an international web design, development and Internet marketing company operating on the market for three years. We are a team of professionals who live and breathe with the Internet. Here at VellumSoft at first glance we are all different: a designer with a lot of creative ideas, some practical developers or marketing guys, of different ages and characters, but we all are professionals and all are united with our passion to the Internet: site design, development and marketing.

Every designer and developer on our team has a Bachelor degree in his industry. It is not the same about our SEO (search engine optimization) specialists – their education background is technical. It is a new profession; Universities do not train SEO at this point in time (but one can find the online courses/ seminars in SEO - more and more web site owners realize the importance of their web site rankings and the demand for good SEO specialists grows with every passing day). Our specialists are trained in-house in the process of project implementation. And it is our priority to be up-to-date with all new technologies and methods that turn up in the Internet industry.

We focus our professional efforts on developing and promoting web sites for small business: web sites and online stores. We are flexible when it comes to our relations with the customers. We do our best to follow our company motto - We are good listeners… Customers’ needs are our priority, we try to get in their shoes when we think about their business and their needs related to web site we develop.

Our customers regularly give us the feedback we need so much to improve our services. We are thankful to all people who have worked with us. As a rule, we suggest our new customers that we make some trial test for them to feel comfortable. Anything you would like to ask us about or if you need some extra infomation on what we offer, please, contact us

The owner of the website is Vellum LLC. Our address:

Vellum LLC
501 Silverside Rd, Suite 105
Wilmington , DE 19809





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