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Professional SEO Services


Search Engine Optimization and Submission

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of developing and optimizing a website. SEO refers to all tips intelligently used to achieve higher rankings in Search Engines. A higher visibility on Search Engine results pages drives more traffic and more prospects to your website.

There are two types of website optimization - onsite (modification of visible and invisible text) and offsite (link building campaign). These two types might be detailed into: Search Engine Submission, Directrry Submission, Link Popularity Building, Keyword Research Analysis, Search Engine Crawler Friendliness Analysis, Title & Meta Tags Optimization, Anchor Text Optimization and Search Engine Copywriting (just some of the methods used to improve a website's search engine rankings).

Search Engine (SES) as part of our Search Engine Optimization packages. We will submit your site to all of the necessary and important Search Engines (in fact, you should care about being properly indexed in three: Gogle, Yahoo!, MSN) and the major directories with the proper optimized descriptions. We primarily target the major engines.

Search engines generate nearly 90% of Internet traffic and are responsible for 55% of e-commerce transactions that is why we need to attach much importance to SEO and SES.


Keyword Analysis and Selection

Keyword Analysis and Selectionare the cornerstone in any Search Engine Optimization campaign. You may have spent weeks on improving your web pages for a better ranking with the major search engines, yet it will all amount to a big waste if the right keyword phrases are not targeted. Or you may acheive top rankings for the keywords selected, but the audience that will search for this keyword is not your target. So, you should attach much importance to this first step of your SEO campaign and not jump to the page optimization step.

Keyword relevance is at least as important as raw search popularity. As a rule, the more specific a search query, the better your chance of converting a search result into a sale, and sales are what it’s all about. Don’t forget about the role of keywords, try to make them more friendly for search engines. Search engines also keep a close look at the relevancy of keywords and site theme. Based on this, search engines may considerably improve or decline the rankings of your website in their index.


Page Optimization

It is one of the basic things about SEO. And it should be implemented with excellence. Even advanced SEO specialists now and then 'forget' to implement basic page optimization techniques and start with some advanced methods. It negatively influences the rankings.

The page should have 300-600 words. Search engine needs food to spider, and it likes content. Then we make modifications of visible and invisible text: page title, meta tags, alt tags, keyword density, keyword placement, anchor text, headers and etc.

There are cases when the modifications of the visible text are not possible: flash page or the owner is reluctant to change anything on the page. There is a technique to deal with these situations, it is called cloaking. Cloaking makes it possible to present one page to the visitor and this very page with the completely different look to the search engine spider. There are many opponents to this technique talking about ethical character of this issue. And this technique requires extra funds to be properly implemented. But in some situations it is the only method to achieve good rankings.


Link Popularity

Link Popularity Building helps your website gain PageRank. A higher PageRank enables your site to rank higher in Search Engines with competitive keywords.

The Goolle Toolbar displays the PageRank from websites between 0 until 10 (the number of websites with PR 10 is only about 20). Google ranks websites by the links and the quality from the links that point to a web site. PageRank is also a part of Google's search engine algorithm. The Google toolbar is used by millions of users around the world.

Our link popularity campaign includes the analysis of link structure of your competition that enjoys high rankings for your keywords. We will check who is linked to their website, how - anchor text, how many links are required to successfully compete for top ranking for each keyword. We will create a database of high quality websites that can be your potential link partners. Next we will launch a link building campaign: we will contact each webmaster with a personalized e-mail asking them to consider the link exchange. The process will be finished when the required amount and quality of inbound links are received and the high search rankings are achieved (link building campaign should not be stopped once the target is acheived - you should regularly check your current link partners: are they still linking to you, search for new websites of high quality). Our experience proves that it is not an easy task to find enough high quality link partners that are not your direct competitors, but with the website consistent with the theme of your site (search engines tend to rank better the links from the website that have the same or complementary theme).


Directory Submission (Yahoo, Open Directory Project)

Yahoo! DMOZ

You've probably heard it before, there are two Directories that are an absolute must:

- dmoz.org (Open Directory)

They are the major players in the Web field, but there are other directories that are less important, but it is easier to get listed with them than with the 2 major ones. Every quality site has to get listed, because search engines prefer sites that have an entry.

The entry into Open Directory Project (ODP) is free of charge, but as a rule, the review of your site takes a lot of time (you can keep a certain degree of control over the process through ODP forums contacting their editors and asking for the status of your submission. If you run a non-commercial site, entry into Yahoo is also free of charge, otherwise it's $299.oo per year. You will be charged this amount only for the chance that your website will be revised by Yahoo! editor within seven business days. It is not guaranteed that the website will be added to the Directory.

The difference between a search engine and a directory: search engine spider automatically crawls your website, directory requires that every website is reviewed by an editor (a human being) before they are entered into the directory. Automated services make Search Engine submission fast, but Directory Submission is not possible. Human editors review each submission for quality and content before accepting it. The volume of new site submissions is so huge that they can afford to be selective.

We make all submissions to Web Directories and Search Engines manually: it is recommended by all major search engines and gurantee that your website will be properly entered into their database.


Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (Overture, AdWords)

google adwordsoverture

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an online form of advertising where adverts or links to your site are displayed on other sites (normally search engines or portals) and the advertiser pays a small fee each time searchers click through to their site. The ads are displayed in primary positions on results pages of major search engines and portals. This service is really useful if you can afford it. Two major players in this field: Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

PPC Campaign service guarantees a high Click Through Rate (CTR), and is more focused on relevant traffic to your site, resulting in a high visitor conversion rate. The companies (Google and Yahoo!) provide a range of useful tools to make efficient use of your funds allocated for this kind of advertising. But one needs to have experience of work with them. Many customers are not sure if they need this type of promotion, but the available tools make it possible to easily calculate ROI to see if the advertising is efficient for your business.

We offer you to start your own PPC Campaign with us:
- we will tune your account to get maximum targeted traffic for minimum budget;
- we will create compelling and persuasive headlines, descriptions, and URL's that attract targeted traffic;
- we will add keyword variants such as misspellings, singular/plural, and broad and precision match to expand your targeted reach;
- we will provide maintenance and increase your PPC Campaign;
- we will create a regular reports to show you the results of our work.


Paid Inclusion

Search engines provide a very effective way to deliver fast results - you pay a certain amount for the right to be indexed fast. This service becomes popular, but you should utilize it only if you need to be added to the search engine index fast. If your website is constantly changing to display offers you could benefit from using paid inclusion as content is refreshed on a regular basis. But you should keep in mind that you pay for inclusion only, not for ranking. Your site will be crawled within a short period of time if you use this service, but it can stay at the bottom of the index for the targeted keywords. So, if you are not pressed for time you do not need to spend any funds for this service. We would recommend you to get some good quality links if possible and your site will be indexed without any paid inclusion within the same period of time.

The search engines that are covered by our Paid Inclusion Service include the following: MSN , About, Espotting, Overture, Looksmart, Goo, HotBot, Terra,
Altavista, ICQ Inc, Mobilcom, AllTheWeb, Hispavista,
LycosEurope, T Online, Inwind, Tiscalli, Metacrawler, Ya.com,
Webcrawler, Dogpile, Excite, Infospace, Ask, Teoma.

If you think that you need these services to complete your SEO campaign, feel free to contact us for free consultation.






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